rdf tag_minus.gif is powered by a tuple store called graphd. Graphd is a C/Unix server which processes commands in a simple template-based query language.linked articles are also interesting
By roma
ResumeRDF is an ontology developed to express information contained in a personal Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) on the Semantic Web. This includes information about work and academic experience, skills, etc.time for me to try xhtml/html5+rdfa
By nils
Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Dash FAQ (Version 3.0)
Well, now, after aggregating Semantic Web data about my music collection (using these tools), I can sort hip-hop artists by murder rates in their city :-)
The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) proposed standard for linking and expressing data on the Web. Java developers who develop applications for the Semantic Web will need to convert RDF properties to or from J...
"Semantic Web will start the long, slow decline of relational database technology", "If you have a firm grasp of the theoretical underpinnings of the semantic web, things like RDF, tuples, Sparql and OWL that make my brain hurt, you will be able to cha...

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